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Katy Perry: Hair Statement Or Political Statement?

Forget fashion statement, is Katy Perry making a political statement with her newest hairstyle?
Perry showed off her new two-toned hairdo on Saturday that consists of two tones. Her choice of colors include a Cheeto-like orange shade with streaks of bleach blonde.
Various sites suspected the singer’s choice of hair color makes fun of President-elect Donald Trump, all things considered how Perry had campaigned for Hillary Clinton. This wouldn’t be the first time Perry pokes fun at the President-elect since she has posed with Sham Ibrahim’s provoking portrait of a baby Trump in diapers.
Perry’s newest look is the most recent in a long collection of hair transformations the star has undergone. The singer is known for her taste of bright colors and extensive wig collection. We don’t know yet if Perry’s new do is a dye job or a wig.
Look forward to Perry’s performance at the Women’s March in Washington this upcoming weekend.

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