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Soulja Boy Takes Shots At Kanye West’s Fashion Game

Riding the wave of him reintroduction to the media, garnered from his recently announced bout with Chris Brown, to stay relevant in popular culture, rapper Soulja Boy directed some surprising hate towards fellow musician, Kanye West. In an interview with Hypebeast, Soulja went on to say: “Ain’t no one got swag like me. I’m the hottest in the rap game, most highest, I’m unreachable. Errbody be on Kanye’s tip like he’s the shit.” “I dunno man. He old and irrelevant, it’s a youngin’s game, time to retire Mr. West.”

No one can argue the fact that Soulja Boy is easily younger than Kanye, but coming completely out of left field, it is up to fans as to whether they find truth in Soulja’s argument. With his involvement in high fashion, launching multiple lines and working with brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike and most recently Adidas, Kanye has high relevancy in the fashion world and can easily refute that statement. We don’t see him making a response though.
Now Kanye wasn’t the only one Soulja Boy came at, going on to diss boxing opponent Chris Brown and his trainer, Mike Tyson. We can’t wait to see the outcome of that match, should be a entertaining one.
Soulja Boy also revealed the release date of his next album titled, Draco, coming out next month.

#Draco album in stores Feb.21.17

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