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Spruce Up Your Style With Inspiration From These 80’s Classics

Due to the ever changing nature fashion, style trends may be hot one day, and gone the next. People are constantly looking to reinvent their looks, and pull inspiration from all aspects of life and history. Looking to switch it up, but unsure how how to go about it? Why not try the 1980’s aesthetic. There are plenty of different styles you can take a look at, but here are some suggestions:

Fitting in with the trend of hybrid clothing, featuring active wear like yoga pants, why not add to that comfort with the style of a good old tracksuit. You got the classic Adidas, which in my opinion can never go out of style, but there are plenty of brands out there for whatever works for you! For the more daring, experiment with materials like velour or velvet. Gold chains and bucket hats not included.
Power Shoulders

Mostly for the ladies, but this look incites attention while demanding power, Use that 80’s aesthetic to add more depth to your jackets, or that favorite blazer that’s missing a certain something.
Neon Colors

Something to make a statement about how fun and vibrant you are. The colors you showcase are a reflection on you, so have some fun with it, experiment! Try not to go overboard with too many contrasting colors, as it will make you seem as if you are trying too hard. Try to limit yourself to one big flashy item, but if you play around and see something fit, why not rock multiples.

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