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Completion of ‘La La Land’ Has Emma Stone Missing Co-Star Ryan Gosling

In an interview with the actress, Stone described the feeling of sadness that began to hit the actress once the shoot was beginning to wrap.
It wasn’t the first time the two had worked together, sharing screen time on the films Gangster Squad and Crazy, Stupid, Love, the pair had a great understanding of each other and how to play to their strengths.

“After spending large amounts of time with people you begin to grow closer and closer to them. When the movie was starting to wrap it felt bittersweet.” Stone shared. “We had spent almost half a year together this time around. You’d think it’d get easier since we’ve already done it twice, but saying goodbye again was hard.”

“La La Land” is musical masterpiece which tells the story of pianist and actress falling in love. Critically acclaimed, the film is poised for an Oscar, while already taking home 7 golden globes.

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