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“The Salesman” Director Asghar Farhadi To Not Attend Academy Awards Ceremony

Following the executive order signed by President Trump’s on Friday that targets Muslims and refugees, Oscar-nominated director Asghar Farhadi has announced he will not be part of the attendance at the Academy Awards.
Trump’s executive order has put a temporary halt to refugee resettlement in the United States, as well as bans certain individuals from 7 countries from entering the country. One of these 7 countries is Iran, which is where Farhadi was born and currently lives.
Given the executive order, it is unclear if the Iranian director would even be able to attend the Academy Awards ceremony though some parts of the order are being temporarily blocked by federal judges.
Farhadi had previously told The New York Times that he would attend the ceremony in order to voice his opinions regarding the unjust circustances for immigrants and travelers of certain countries. Though since his statement, he has had changed his mind.
Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti, star of “The Salesman” had also announced she would not be present for the Oscars in response to the anti-Muslin order.

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